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Discarded tablecloths destined for landfill is turned into new products by PeopleWearSF: The TableCloth Project!

San Francisco, CA – Tuesday, June 19, 2012. Is supporting products that both are made in San Francisco and achieve the city’s goal of zero waste by
2020 important to you? If yes, you NEED to be styling The TableCloth Project bags, designed and produced from discarded tablecloths.

PeopleWearSF, the San Francisco Bay area trade association whose members are sewn products industry professionals, are at it again. Together with the San Francisco Hotel Non-Profit collaborative, they are designing ways to creatively keep an estimated 100 tons of discarded tablecloths and napkins from going to landfill.

Jo Licata, Community Projects Manager, Hilton San Francisco Union Square, and co-founder of the S.F. Hotel/Non-profit Collaborative states, “This is an exciting project, converting excess or non-usable banquet linen into tote bags. This project reuses banquet linen that would be discarded, gives employment to people, here, in the City, and also produces a “Made in San Francisco” item.

“By diverting tablecloths from the waste stream, a new environmentally appropriate manufacturing model is under construction,” states Gail Baugh president of PeopleWearSF. For every ton of textile TableClothProjectproduct diverted from landfill and reused, an estimated 20 tons of CO2 is saved. The tablecloths are clean yet uniquely stained or damaged from customer use, making them a perfect material for bags to take shopping, to school, a conference, the gym, or the beach.

Send PeoplewearSF a picture of your TableCloth Project Bag in use! Or, contact us for TableCloth Bags customized for your company or business needs.

The TableCloth Project, no 2 TCBags are alike, each has a lively history!

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